Oklahoma State University Athletes Learned How To Build Their Base with Beef

Posted on August 16, 2022

OSU Is First Sports Program to Use Build Your Base with Beef in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY (July 22, 2022) – The Oklahoma Beef Council, funded by the Beef Checkoff, had the exciting opportunity to educate members of the Oklahoma State University football team about the benefits of beef in a healthy diet. Through the Build Your Base with Beef program the student athletes learned the benefits of high-quality protein in an active lifestyle.

“Build Your Base is a game changing nutrition tool for athletes that focuses on nutrition tips to maximize their athletic performance and showcases how nutrient rich lean beef can be incorporated as part of their meal plan,” said Sheri Glazier, MS, RDN/LD, OBC nutrition consultant.

Glazier taught the students how to use modular meal planning to make sure each meal contains maximum nutrition. Modular meals pair a protein with fruits or vegetables and high-fiber carbohydrate. Glazier also instructed the athletes on the nutritional benefits of lean beef for providing optimal protein, iron and zinc and how to use a meat thermometer to make sure beef is cooked to the proper end-point cooking temperature.

Glazier demonstrated how nutrient rich lean beef, when paired with fiber rich carbs and veggies can easily come together in a Greek Beef Bowl. The students were then treated to dinner sponsored by OBC and featuring the Greek Beef Bowl.

OSU is the first program in Oklahoma to join use the Build Your Base with Beef program.

“Build Your Base is a fantastic program for any entity looking to level up their resources within the world of sports nutrition,” said Lauren Abbott, MS, RD/LD, OSU sports dietitian “Regardless of program size, they are a fantastic option for presentations, cooking demonstrations, and information in an easy to understand and digest format. Thank you from OSU Sports Nutrition for helping spread knowledge and passion about fueling for sports!”

Abbot will continue to use the Build Your Base program with OSU’s football team and other student athletes throughout the year.

The Build Your Base program was developed in partnership between the South Dakota Beef Industry Council and Sanford Health. Learn more about the Build Your Base program at